Studiedag 16 april 2024 met Sara Portnoy (UK) en Sabine Vermeire (BE)


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Workshop ‘Beads of Life’

Working with people whose life is dominated by illness or traumatic experiences

In this workshop Sara reflects on her work with children, youngsters and adults who suffer from life threatening diseases and the negative impact of medical treatment. Through the use of beads she create a safe therapeutic space to talk about their painful, traumatic or difficult experiences and thoughts. During the sessions patients string together different stories about illness, life and identity. With a string of beads they document their knowledge, skills and hopes. Sara applies this approach in narrative therapy groups of young people who have a diagnosis of cancer at

The University College Hospital in London (UCH). Through the program they share their hard won
knowledges with others. Now these young people help to co-facilitate future groups. This UCH approach is helpful for people with any kind of traumatic or difficult life experience that dominate their lives and will be demonstrated and extended by Sabine in the work with timelines.

It can be used with individuals as well as in a group setting. In contexts of traumatic experiences or life histories, using ‘Beads for life’ can create alternative storylines that promote ‘a sense of agency and coherence’. It helps people to regain a sense of authorship of their own lives.

In this workshop you will learn and practice the ‘Beads of life’ approach, the work with ‘timelines and beads’ and discover the possibilities in different contexts.

Sara Portnoy is a Consultant clinical psychologist and has worked in the health service with children and their families for over 25 years. For the past 13 years she has worked at University College Hospital, London with children with a chronic physical condition and with Life Force (Community paediatric palliative care and bereavement team.)

Sabine Vermeire is a trainer, therapist and supervisor at the Interactie-Academie. She works with children, youngsters and families with severe problems (attachment problems, violence, abuse, psychiatric problems and trauma). Her expertise includes working with creative methods especially when speaking becomes difficult.


Portnoy, S., Girling, I., & Fredman, G. (2016). Supporting young people living with cancer to tell stories in ways that make them stronger: The Beads of Life approach. Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 21, 255-267.


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UURSCHEMA:        Dinsdag 16 april 2024
                                          van 9.30 tot 15.30 uur

LOCATIE:                   Interactie-Academie vzw
                                          Van Schoonbekestraat 33
                                          B-2018 Antwerpen

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